Do you know the advantages of harvesting the rain?

At Hydro-Scape, we want you to be informed on the best methods of irrigation and landscaping which can save you money and time. Read below to learn about the advantages of harvesting the rain.

Battling Drought

California is faced with the worst drought in its history. Water restrictions are, or soon will be, imposed on most municipalities, especially in Southern California. Rainwater harvesting is accomplished using rain tanks or rain barrels. The rain from the roof is collected in them and stored for later use; the water stays clean for months as modern tanks and barrels are sealed from animals, light and vegetable matter. There have been warnings that changing weather patterns will cause continuing drops in rainfall levels in many areas.

Living Green

Many people every day are switching to a green lifestyle. This includes reductions in ‘carbon footprint’ and consumption as well as increasing recycling and reuse of old products. Many of these changes reduce the negative impact of industrial civilization on the environment. At present, approximately twenty percent of California’s power is used to collect, transport and treat water. Runoff – water that can’t be reabsorbed into the soil – is a huge problem in urban areas. Local aquifers aren’t filling at pre-urban rates due to this runoff.

Saving Water for Drinking

Most of the water collection and distribution systems in California were put in place over fifty years ago. It’s hard to tell if any new projects are on the horizon. Yet, water is a precious resource that we all need to live. As a result, costs of water are on the rise; just the same as California’s population. Since the last major drought in the early 90’s, the population has grown by over nine million people.

However, over forty percent of the suburban water supply is used to water gardens and landscapes. Did you know that since the plants actually enjoy soft and slightly acidic water? Rainwater is exactly that. Using Bushman rainwater harvesting tanks to collect water for use in the garden leaves more of the treated water for drinking and bathing. The tanks and barrels keep the water pure with gutter guards, insect filters and first flush devices; these devices divert the season’s first rains to the drain. The tanks are made with food-grade polyethylene, are opaque and do not permit algae growth.
Bushman Rainwater Harvesting Slim Line Tanks

Product Design

Many of the rainwater harvesting tanks available on the internet are for agricultural or commercial use and are too big for residential purposes. And they’re only available in dark green, black or white, so they may not fit your carefully designed landscapes. However, Bushman has slim-line tanks that easily fit under your home’s eaves and come in over six colors. Hydro-Scape carries these Bushman tanks. HS also carriers a great starter tank; a 60 gallon rain barrel which easily attaches to your rain gutter.

For serious water savers, the best capacity is a 300 gallon tank. Please be careful not to use old plastic containers for rain barrels! While repurposing is almost always a good thing, in this instance, it could be dangerous. If the containers were used to transport harsh chemicals, the chemicals – as well as poorer quality plastic – may leach into the water and find its way into your plants.

Stop by your local Hydro-Scape branch and learn more about our line of rainwater harvesting tanks.