Other Drip Irrigation Components

We all know that drip irrigation systems use tubing & emitters and that without those, there would be no system. Did you know there are three other components beyond tubing & emitters that are equally as important? Read on to learn more about these other drip irrigation components!

Automated Zone Valve

Automated Zone Kit for Drip IrrigationThis part is a must have in all drip irrigation systems. The water flow required for these systems is very low, which creates issues when it’s time to close the valve. Most automated zone valves close at approximately a 3-4 gallon per minute (GPM) flow. Drip systems benefit from valves that close with at as little as 2 GPM. Installing a lower GPM valve ensures the valve shuts down every time.

Pressure Regulation

Hunter Pressue RegulatorPressure regulation is not the same thing as pressure compensation. Compensating emitters deliver the same amount of water regardless of water pressure. Regulators, on the other hand, keep the water pressure even regardless of changes in the flow. The benefit of a regulator is steady, constant pressure. This makes calculating flow capacity and drip lines runs a lot easier.

Filtration For Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip Irrigation FilterFilters are extremely important for smooth running drip systems. Without them, particulate matter in the water supply is pumped directly into the system causing clogged emitters. Clogged emitters mean plants are not being watered, which means dead plants. The first step to avoiding clogs is a thorough system flush at installation and also once per quarter when you change the filters.

The most commonly used filter size is 100 microns. As a comparison, a human hair is only 75 microns across. If you have city water, your system will be fine with a 100-micron filter. If your water source is a well or lake, you will likely need a 150- to 200-micron filter, which catches even smaller debris (the larger the number, the smaller the filter weave).

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