Tick-Tock: Don’t Forget to Adjust Your Landscape Lighting Timer for the Time Change

We all know how wonderful it is to have outdoor lighting as part of our landscapes. It allows us to extend the usefulness of our patios and gardens well into the night. It also keeps our late-night guests (and us!) from injury on walkways and in pools. Quite literally, it opens up a whole new world of relaxation and entertainment!

When Daylight Savings Time hits, the finely tuned system on which you have relied upon, well, since the last time the clocks changed, is now not so finely tuned. Lights are coming on while the sun’s still out! Or hours after it’s become dark!

Well, never fear, Hydro-Scape is here with a handy guide to making the necessary adjustments to your landscape lighting controller. We’ll keep you out of the dark and away from unnecessarily use of lights. Read on!

The typical timer has small green and red pins that act as the on and off switches for the lighting system. While the pins can be placed anywhere on the timer, we suggest putting the green (on) pin at just a bit before dusk and the red (off) pin about four to five hours later. Refer to any diagrams that may be included with your system’s manual. We also suggest, as safety and energy conservation measures, that you set it such that your lights are on when you get home from work (assuming that’s after dusk) and that they shut off around your bedtime.

There are also products that make this process automated and much easier. One such product is the Luxor FX Luminaire. Offering both zone and dimming options, you have virtually endless designs for this system. Zoning is great for pre-set programs for special occasions like parties or cook-outs. The dimming feature allows you to control how much light is used by group and time. For example, Area 1 can be set to light at 100% at 7:00 p.m. and then shift automatically to 60% at 9:00 p.m., etc.

Their proprietary ZD Technology™ allows homeowners the best, most affordable and easy-to-use system on the planet. You can create up to 250 independently adjustable groups, even setting each individual light as its own group! Likewise, a group could be all path lights or just the driveway lighting.

So, take control of time and don’t let the time change cause you anymore hassles than necessary!