written by NDS, Inc.

NDS has upgraded the Root Barriers EP Series by offering two NEW features, Anchor Lock and Quad Clip, which offer more flexibility in design and provide more protection from intrusive roots without harming the tree.

Root Barriers stay in place with Anchor Lock

  • Anchor lock gives the EP panel a greater surface area and helps direct the roots down to help them from intruding other plants and surface areas.
  • With the new Anchor Lock feature, the EP Panel stays in place if there is a lot of movement in the soil
  • Roots are directed downwards with no obstruction
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First true 90° angle with Quad Clip – No more cutting!

  • Quad clip is a 4 way clip that accommodates installation angles from 90° – 180°
  • The Quad clip is unique in the market and prevents the need for manual cutting of panels to achieve desired angles
  • Build a true square or rectangular planter area; fit easily at driveway and sidewalk intersections.
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