written by Simplot

When it comes to maintaining healthy turf, fall fertilizing is the most important lawn feeding of the year. The summer heat has caused stress, your lawn needs to recover and the turf needs to build-up adequate carbohydrates to survive the rigors of winter.

fertilize with nitraking

We can maintain green turf throughout winter in many areas of the West. Experience shows that grass grows slowly in the winter, making it nearly impossible to turn yellow turf green in the middle of winter through fertilization. We have also learned that if you feed your turf enough nutrition in the fall, and the turf color turns nice and green, the turf will likely hold its color until spring.  Research has demonstrated additional benefits from fall fertilization: enhanced spring green-up, reduced depletion of carbohydrates compared to spring applications, and increased rooting.

Best® Nitra King® has always been known as a great fall-winter fertilizer for turf. Now Best Nitra King 21-2-4 has been reformulated to work equally well in all seasons. This new formulation covers 10% more square feet per bag and is now formulated with our patented Fūsn™ technology combined with our patented, homogeneous NPK fertilizer with iron pellets. Fūsn is a safe homogeneous ammonium sulfate nitrate based granulated fertilizer that increases nutrient uptake to prepare your turf for the upcoming winter. Nitra King also contains 2% non-staining iron to hold that long-lasting deep green color for months to come. Non-staining iron virtually eliminates the unsightly staining of sidewalks.

So remember to plan ahead of time to fertilize turf in the fall. Fall Fertilize with Best® Nitra King® 21-2-4 and keep your turf green through the winter and give it a boost in the spring.