Synthetic turf is all the rage these days. It’s realistic-looking, low maintenance and, best of all doesn’t require watering. The latter is very important in this time of drought and water-use restrictions. But, what happens when you have outdoor pets? All that time spent house-training Fido and Fluffy was worth it when you had a natural lawn but now, pet piddles on synthetic turf can make for some unpleasant odors and health risks. Don’t worry! Hydro-Scape has the perfect solution (pun not intended).

There is actually a synthetic turf you can install, Pedigree UG-PET-C, which is much easier to clean than most other options. Pedigree doesn’t have a thatch layer. The thatch layer is typically made of polypropylene, polyethylene or nylon and provides extra recovery power to the synthetic blades (it helps them stand up after being walked on). You won’t lose anything in terms of appearance by sacrificing thatch, though. Pedigree UG-PET-C’s blades are a mix of thick and thin to simulate a more natural appearance (similar to UltimateFresh/Natural).

There was a time when you could buy a product called Zeo-Fill “Sand” to help with pet piddles. However, Ultimate Grass found that Zeo-Fill actually clumped like kitty litter and was inhibiting the turf’s permeability, essentially creating a barrier to drainage. That’s why we no longer recommend Zeo-Fill for your synthetic turf.

So, what do we recommend? Hydro-Scape is pleased to offer Enviro-Zyme (UG-ENVIROZYME), a pet-friendly, enzyme-based synthetic turf cleaner. Enviro-Zyme is a live microbial digestive concentrate, meaning that it’s full of “good” bacteria that absorb and neutralize the “bad” bacteria that cause odor and health risks.

Enviro-Zyme is sold in quart-size bottles that are ready to hook up to your standard garden hose. You can get 2,500 square feet of cleaning coverage from one bottle of Enviro-Zyme and the best part is that it’s non-toxic and safe to use around pets and children.

You can easily neutralize all those nasty pet odors, as well as the health risks posed by the “bad” bacteria from pet waste. Enviro-zyme is certified Salmonella-free and is safe for the environment. It’s also simple to use.

Just follow the label instructions! Pre-treating in general and for newly-installed turf is usually unnecessary. If you have multiple pets or a small area for one pet’s use, pre-treating is a good idea. Here are some basics to keep in mind:

  • Enviro-zyme contains live bacteria and those helpful bacteria need to eat. If they don’t eat the “bad” bacteria from pet waste, they’ll eventually die. So, don’t pre-treat if you don’t plan on your pets using the turf anytime soon.
  • If it rains or if you hose off your synthetic turf, Enviro-zyme will be washed away and you’ll have to reapply it.

Enviro-zyme is perfect all pet owners who are interested in installing or maintaining synthetic turf. Whether you pre-treat or use it only for ongoing maintenance, Hydro-Scape highly recommends Enviro-zyme as part of your turf-maintaining tool kit. The friendly professionals at your local Hydro-Scape are always willing to help you with any of your synthetic turf needs. You can also contact our customer service center for assistance.