Choose plants that naturally thrive in Southern California’s climate:

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  • Select plants with moderate to low water needs
  • Match your plants’ sun and water needs within shrub and flower beds to avoid overwatering plants with low water needs
  • Use your favorite high water need plants as accents in areas that are protected from heat and wind
  • Encourage healthy roots with soil preparation and deep, less frequent watering

Keep your sprinkler system up to date:

  • Create a custom watering schedule and regularly adjust your sprinkler timer
  • Install a smart sprinkler controller that will automatically adjust to changing conditions
  • Use rotating sprinkler nozzles for lawn and groundcovers
  • Convert from spray watering to drip, bubblers, and microsprays for shrubs and flower beds
  • Install a rain sensor to automatically shut off sprinklers
  • Change or cap sprinkler heads in areas converted from lawn to shrub and flower beds
  • Repair sprinkler leaks and adjust for blocked spray and runoff to avoid water waste

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