Beauty. Energy savings. Safety. You can make these three things part of your landscape with the addition of LED landscape lights. Once thought to be good only as equipment components or fancy flashlights, these high-powered, low-energy replacement lights are making a glowing entrance into the landscaping market.

LED (light-emitting diode) technology is probably most known for its long-lasting bulbs. Since LED bulbs only use a fraction of the electricity, they’re not subjected to the constant electrical surges that fry most traditional bulbs. You’ve probably seen solar powered landscape lights at your local box shop in addition to low voltage landscape lighting systems from landscape suppliers like Hydro-Scape. These two options are not created equally. Hardwired systems are much more reliable, longer-lasting (like years on years) and will produce a much more vibrant light.  Those inexpensive solar options you see at the box stores, are… well, how should I put this; cheap! As in, won’t last you very long cheap.
Brillance LED Micro G4 Bipin

LED vs. Traditional: Seven Points to Ponder

  • Using LED landscape lighting as opposed to incandescent or halogen significantly lowers your energy costs. The cost savings can be as high as 80% per year! That translates into hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars a year depending on your usage!
  • LED’s long life lamps make bulb replacement a thing of the past. LED lamps used in landscapes last up to 40,000 hours! At usage of five hours per day, that’s twenty-one years with no bulb replacement hassles or costs!
  • LED is the future of landscape lighting. This is cutting edge tech and will only improve in the coming years. Why spend the time, effort, and money installing an old technology that’s less efficient and costs more in energy? It’s better to install a LED system and use the savings for something fun, like a vacation!
  • LED landscape lighting is the absolute safest way to go, especially for those in areas with high risk of fires. LED lamps are just slightly warm to the touch, producing hardly any heat compared with their traditional competitors. A twelve volt halogen landscape light, on the other hand, is hot enough to burn pets, people and plants.
  • LED lighting is the greenest way to light your landscape. Not only is it the most cost-effective technology, but it has little impact on the environment, too. We’ve already covered the energy budget & installation cost savings, but LED systems use a lot less copper wire, smaller transformers and fewer bulb replacements. The use of natural resources is decreased without reducing the economic value.
  • LED lamps are durable. There are no hair-thin filaments or easily-broken glass involved. LEDs can take a lot of hit, bumps, and movement, whether from maintenance or rough gardeners.
  • LED landscaping lighting has the added benefit of optic systems. This helpful technology measures and controls light output accurately.

If you’re interested in learning more about LED landscape lighting, please visit or call your nearest Hydro-Scape. We’d be glad to help!