Written by Jennifer Michalik, Outdoor Living Manager

It’s tough to be impartial when the solution is a clear-cut winner 90% of the time. I’ve done the research on LED landscape lighting vs. Halogen and compared the pros and cons. I’ve tried to make this a fair fight, but it is not.

LED-v-HalogenLet’s start by giving a nod to Halogen landscape lighting and all that it has accomplished. It’s been a reliable low-voltage solution that has allowed landscapes to be illuminated in relatively economical and beautiful ways. For those contractors who got their start in landscape lighting, it is a familiar product with predictable results. While there are many landscapes still using Halogen, far fewer are being installed. Halogen lighting was a trend-setter that set the scene for brighter things to come.

It used to be that LED lamps were not as bright as Halogen. With technological advances made it can now produce equivalent outputs (as it relates to typical landscape lighting).The quality of LED output can vary by manufacturer, but we carry only the best brands that provide consistent, high-quality output.

Kelvin-ScaleLEDs are offered in a variety of beam-spreads, just like Halogen and in different Kelvin temperatures. This means the light color can range from cool white (+3000) to warm white (2400 Kelvin).

Most new installations are done using LED lighting and the reasons are simple:

  • LED lighting uses less energy
    • A 5.5 watt LED is the equivalent to a 35 watt Halogen
  • LED lamps last longer
    • LED lamps last an average of about 50,000 hours as compared to about 3,500 hours for Halogen
  • LED lighting is ultimately less expensive
    • Initial product cost is offset by savings on ongoing electrical and maintenance costs
  • LED technology is the future of landscape lighting
    • Manufacturers are spending research and development budgets on LED technology, not on Halogen

Is there still a place for Halogen landscape lighting? Yes. However, it is becoming less of the predominant choice and more of a second option when compared to LED lighting.