Written by Jennifer Michalik, Outdoor Living Manager, Hydro-Scape

Last month we discussed how landscape lighting is an art form that is accessible to everyone. All you need is a canvas (your landscape), some paint (types of LED lighting) and some brushstrokes (lighting fixtures) and you’re on your way to maximizing both the beauty and value of your outdoor spaces. This month, we are going to focus on the brushstrokes. As you can imagine, there are thousands of lighting fixtures available at Hydro-Scape, but don’t worry! Since this is a newsletter and not a novel, we will introduce you to your options with just five examples. You’ll be on your way to understanding how to best illuminate your work of art.

Up Light

Up lighting is probably the most common way to highlight (no pun intended) features of the landscape. They are typically staked in the ground, but can also be elevated by attaching them to the trunk of a tall tree.

Auroralight has a fantastic new up light, machined out of solid brass and manufactured in Carlsbad, CA. The SLX16 fixture has been designed with:
AuroraLight SLX16

  • A heavy, robust body
  • Improved heat management for LED drop ins
  • Flexibility to be used with all of Aurora’s mounts
  • Exclusive to Hydro-Scape: an AMS-1/2 adapter and a stake are included
  • No lamp, allowing for flexibility of beam spread and color temperature
  • Lifetime warranty

The SLX16 is truly an awesome combination of beautiful form and excellent function and is in stock at Hyrdo-Scape.

Path Lights

Path lights are considered to be area lighting. They are commonly used to define walkways or driveways, but can also be within the landscape as well. Path lights are staked into the ground, have a “stem” and a “hat.”

PR-4708 Vista Professional pathlight
Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting’s PR-4708 LED Path Light is a great choice for pathways or gardens. The 4708 features:

  • Strong, copper-free, die-cast aluminum fixture
  • High-impact polycarbonate lens for extra protection against moisture
  • 15-1/2” tall stem, 8” wide hat
  • T3 LED lamp included
  • Multiple finishes available

The PR-4708 is featured is in stock at your local Hydro-Scape and available in Architectural Bronze and Black!

Step Lights

Two words: Safety First. No surprise here, but that is the main purpose of a step light. The good news is that choices of fixtures are still available. Traditional fixtures have been recessed into the step and have some type of decorative faceplate. With LED technology, newer fixtures are on the market where the fixture virtually disappears so that the focal point is the light it is putting out.

Kichler KL-1574 Fixture
Kichler’s KL-15745AZT27 may make a statement with a long part number, but virtually disappears when lighting steps. The fixture is a designer’s favorite featuring:

  • 7” long fixture with metal mounting plate
  • Integrated .75W, 3 LED produces light similar to a 20W halogen bulb
  • 2700K warm white light
  • Multiple finishes available

The KL-15745AZT27 has a textured, architectural bronze finish. It is available in stock at your local Hydro-Scape store.

Down Lights

Down lights are mounted off the ground and send light downwards. (Yes, I know that was not earth-shattering information, but it needed to be said. Just wait…things are about to get really interesting!)
FX Luminaire NL-3LED-CU
FX Luminaire’s NL-3LED-CU-BS fixture is a really attractive down light that has an amazing (hidden) feature. The general features of the NL include:

  • Aluminum fixture
  • Side-mounting down light
  • Available with 1, 3, 6 or 9 LEDs, with output equivalent to 10-50W halogen
  • Multiple finishes available

But the really cool feature of the NL is its 3 LED version allows it be COLOR-CHANGING when used with FX Luminaire’s LuxorZDC (Zoning, Dimming, Color Changing) transformer! That’s right. This one fixture (along with many others from FX Luminaire), can produce over 30,000 different colors of light with ease. Visit any Hydro-Scape location to learn more about FX Luminaire’s complete line of ZDC fixtures.

Wall Washes (Well Lights)

The inconspicuous thing about a wall wash (also known as well lighting) is the fixtures are installed below grade. Generally, all that is seen is a grate or debris guard that covers the lens.

F200 Well Light
The F200 Well Light offered by Unique Lighting Systems blends flexibility with functionality. Its features include:

  • Impact resistant ABS housing designed to allow for flush or angled installation options
  • Patented stainless steel gimble ring to hold lamp in place while adjusting body of fixture
  • Includes multi-louvered debris guard (black only)
  • LED voltage range up to 18W PAR36 FLEX Series LED
  • Available in black (standard) or light brown (optional)

Stop by any Hydro-Scape location for availability and pricing information!

Let the Transformation Begin

You now have a better understanding of not only how different types of landscape lighting fixtures function, but also of what they look like. In addition, you should feel confident that Hydro-Scape is here as your number one landscape lighting resource. We have talked a lot about design and a bit about function, but if I stop now, I’d be leaving you in the dark. We haven’t talked much about the power behind the process – the lighting Transformer. Until next month…