Written by Jennifer Michalik, Outdoor Living Product Manager

In case you are just joining us, this is actually the last article in our “Light Up Your Nights” series. We have already talked about your landscape (the canvas), the types of LED lighting (the paint), and fixtures (the brushstrokes). Now is the time to talk about what powers it all (the transformer.) The transformer is generally not a part of your visible work of art, but without it, your art wouldn’t exist. We are going to explain briefly what a transformer does and then highlight just a couple of the many lighting transformer options that Hydro-Scape has to offer. Think of this not as an end to a series, but rather a beginning to lighting up your nights.

The Transformer

A transformer is used to step voltage either up or down from a power source to its output. In our case, a lighting transformer takes standard home line voltage of 120V and reduces it to 12V for landscape lighting fixtures. A transformer is usually referred to by how many watts, or power, that it can put out. In general, the size of the transformer you need is determined by the sum of the wattage of the fixtures you plan to install. Some transformers have different features than others, so knowing what you want your lights to do will also help you determine the transformer you’ll need to create the results you want.

Unique Multi-Matic LED Series

  • Stainless Steel or Weathered Brass
  • Photocell ready
  • Multi-tap (zone) transformers ranging from 120W – 840W

Vista vPro

  • Stainless Steel
  • Controllable by an App and a Bluetooth enabled device
  • Astronomic timing programming
  • Multiple on/off capabilities
  • Smooth dimming from full bright to off
  • Single-tap (zone) transformers: VP-75 and VP-150
  • Dual-tap (zone) transformers: VP-75×2 (150W total) and VP-150×2 (300W total)

FX Luminaire Luxor

  • Compatible with FX LED ZD lights only
  • Stainless Steel or Paintable Matte Gray
  • Controllable by an App and Bluetooth enabled device
  • Astronomic timing programming
  • Up to 250 independently adjustable lighting groups (zones) can be created
  • Groups can include up to 250 LED fixtures per group
  • All groups can be turned on independently and dimmed from 0-100%
  • Uses event based scheduling, which allows a single group of lights to change dimming percentages throughout the night
  • 150W or 300W

You can see that there can be more to a transformer than just simply turning your lights on and off. The right transformer for your landscape is determined by what you want to achieve, how you go about doing it, and the amount of wattage you’ll need. You provide the canvas and Hydro-Scape can provide everything you need to Light up Your Nights.