Written by Jennifer Michalik, Outdoor Living Manager, Hydro-Scape

The Port-A-Cool Islander is your answer to cooling off outdoor living spaces this summer. Designed with only a 24” footprint, it takes minimum space to provide maximum cooling. The Port-A-Cool Islander provides 360 degrees of cool air up to 600 square feet!

The Islander uses an evaporative cooling process in which air is forced over water-soaked evaporative cooling pads. Port-A-Cool units offer true differentiation because they use KUUL pads, the strongest, heaviest pads on the market that maximize the interaction between air and water.

Port-A-Cool’s Islander is easy to use. Simply tilt and roll it into position. Add water, plug it in and use the simple digital controls. Within minutes, you’ll feel the air temperature decrease as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit at an operating cost of less than 10 cents per hour.

The Islander has made a place for itself in both residential and commercial settings including patios & pools, outdoor dining areas and even valet stands.

Add an element of cool to your outdoor living space today and maximize the enjoyment of many tomorrows to come!