According to Garden Design Magazine, drought tolerant plants have surpassed the stage of being a design trend. They have now graduated to the status of a particular style for designing gardens. Their recent release of 2016 Garden Design Trends offers interesting insight and may help you plan for your projects this year.

Colored Structures

There is increasing popularity with painting structures to add color in a different way. Instead of planting color-popping flowers, homeowners are liking the idea of painting existing structures (i.e. houses, fences, arbors). Another way to do this, is by incorporating a lighted water feature that can change color. Hydro-Scape carries quality color-changing Colorfalls from Atlantic Water Gardens.

Subtle Designs


There is more of an emphasis on structure details and patterns of foliage or tree branches. Instead of bold colors, more fall colors such as rusty reds and flowers like oak hydrangeas. Some components to consider adding for a subtle design, are an outdoor kitchen (with El Dorado Stone Veneer), fire pits (like FireMagic or El Dorado) or interlocking pavers.

Native Plants


Previously, adding native plants to your design was associated with an overgrown, and unkempt look, unwanted by many. However, with increasing awareness of water usage, native plants (such as drought tolerant plants in southern California) have become more acceptable. In fact, with careful selection, a garden with native plants is hardly distinguishable from a garden without. This growing trend is not just in sunny Southern California but across the United States.

Outdoor Living


Outdoor living spaces are now being used to “extend the season” according to Garden Design Magazine. It is a way to bring the indoors outdoors and create an extra living space. By adding an American Outdoor Grill, on top of El Dorado cabinets with Dutch Quality stone, and a warm fire pit or bowl for guests to hang around, you’ll have an extra space for entertaining. We carry hardscapes, patio heaters, lighting and portable fire bowls for your next outdoor living project.

Easy Maintenance

Who doesn’t like a low maintenance garden? Is this even achievable? Not only is this a trend, it is possible to have. By using design principles, you can have an easy maintenance garden. Through careful plant selection, plant placement, and a limited variety of plants you will be well on your way to creating a simply maintained yard. Consult your landscape designer for specific plant choices for your region.

Aesthetic but Sustainable

Having a garden that looks beautiful is important, but now a sustainable garden is the trend. Homeowners are looking for ways to utilize recycled materials in structures or rainwater for irrigation. At Hydro-Scape, you can find residential and commercial sized rainwater barrels from Bushman or Atlantic Water Garden. Check out the benefits of a rainwater system for your sustainable garden.

Gardening for a Purpose


Vegetable gardens are not only functional but can be aesthetically pleasing for a garden. There is  an increasing trend of designing gardens for a purpose. Having a vegetable garden or fruit trees in your yard adds beautiful texture and you get to reap the rewards of its harvest.

Lighting Designs

As noted in our recent LED vs. Halogen Lighting article, LED technology has improved greatly and now offers warmer lights for your landscape. There is increased control the end-user has over LED lights verses halogen light bulbs. With your smartphone, you can easily dim, brighten, change color, turn on or off your landscape lights depending on the mood of the evening.

Source: 2016 Trends in Garden Design by Khara Dizmon. Garden Design Magazine.