Choose Eldorado Outdoor Building Blocks for Your Next Outdoor Kitchen… or fireplace

If you’ve been planning an outdoor kitchen, have we got the scoop for you! Eldorado Outdoor is a wonderful, modular system that lets you create a gorgeous, authentic masonry kitchen in a fraction of the time it takes to build a CMU Concrete Block kitchen. Eldorado Outdoor products are lightweight but strong. There’s no Rebar to bend, no concrete footings to pour and a lot of saved time and money.

Here’s how easy it is to install your own Eldorado Outdoor kitchen:

Plan & Design

  • Choose the best location for your new kitchen
  • Pick out the Eldorado Stone, countertop materials and appliances
  • Get the utilities (gas, water, drainage, electrical) installed
  • Make sure you have a minimum 4-inch concrete or paver foundation on which to place your Eldorado Outdoor kitchen

Install the Outdoor Cabinets

  • Place the Eldorado Outdoor cabinets in the chosen area
  • Make sure they’re all level and then glue and bolt the cabinets together

Cut Appliance Opening

  • Be sure to follow the manufacturers installation instructions that came with your appliances
  • Use a 4-inch diamond masonry blade to cut the necessary openings in your Eldorado Outdoor cabinets
  • Get the doors and drawers installed before the stone installation

Install Appliances & Countertop

  • Install your tile or granite outdoor countertops
  • If you want solid surfaces like granite, you should work with a local fabricator

Install Eldorado Stone or Eldorado Brick

  • Install the Eldorado Stone directly to the pre-scratched cabinets
  • Follow the installation guidelines provided

Here’s a breakdown of the Eldorado Outdoor kitchen installation vs. the CMU Concrete Block installation.

Eldorado Outdoor

  • Six outdoor cabinets
  • Four raised backsplashes
  • Two end caps
  • Hand tools
  • Two people
  • One day

CMU Concrete Block

  • 160 concrete blocks
  • 200 feet of Rebar
  • 45 bags of cement
  • Heavy equipment
  • Four people
  • Seven days

So, while your neighbors are anxiously waiting for concrete to set, you can throw your first outdoor dinner party in your new Eldorado Outdoor kitchen! Be nice and invite them over; they’re having a rough week.