written by Jennifer Michalik, Outdoor Living Product Manager

FogCo is best known as a manufacturer of high-pressure misting systems which cool outdoor spaces.  It is a highly efficient and effective solution to reduce temperatures and help maximize the use of your outdoor living spaces. The parts are seamlessly integrated into your existing structures and are nearly unnoticeable.

Recent outdoor trends now have FogCo implemented as a landscape design feature. The element of fog emitting among planted areas or your pool deck, adds another layer of unique visual interest.  Here is how FogCo can help you take full advantage of your outdoor living area:



Reduces temperatures up to 40 degrees with virtually no noticeable humidity

  • At 1,000 PSI, water droplets are so small that “flash evaporation” occurs and cooling takes place
  • Works best at 80 degree temperatures and with humidity below 50%
  • 1 GPM pump can cover about 40 linear feet of cooling



Creates interesting fog effects and enhances outdoor ambiance

  • Easily installed in an existing or new landscape
  • Does not need to be mounted to a structure, so can go virtually anywhere
  • 1 GPM pump can cover about 60 linear feet of Mistscaping

FogDeck Pool System


Creates a fog effect that rolls across the surface of the water

  • Flush-mounted to the side of a pool or water feature
  • Creates residual cooling along the perimeter of the water feature
  • 1 GPM pump can cover about 50 linear feet of FogDecking

To learn more about how to install an outdoor misting system for your house or next landscaping project, contact us our Customer Service Center at 800-395-4477 or your local sales representative.