Hydretain - Soil Moisture Manager

Soil Moisture Manager

Hydretain – New Product!

Root Zone Moisture Manager

Reduces Watering Up to 50%!

What is Hydretain? It is a unique blend of humectant and hygroscopic compounds that manage root zone moisture. It is effective on plants, shrubs trees and turf grass. Hydretain slows moisture evaporation in the soil by attracting moisture (water vapor) to the roots, thereby managing the soil’s moisture levels. Because of this, it is an effective drought solution when only water vapor remains in the soil. The chemistry in Hydretain collects the water vapor into liquid formation so the plants can receive it. It also increases the length of time between watering periods. When there is enough water in the soil, Hydretain is not activated, making it an effective soil moisture manager.

Benefits Include:

  • Reduce Utility Bills
  • Avoid Watering Fines
  • Improve Crop Yields
  • Enhance Nutrient Uptake
  • Enhance Seed Germination

Attention Contractors: Hydretain Advantage Program

A program designed to help you educate yourself or your clients on the benefits and advantages of using Hydretain, saving water and money.

  • Enroll to get marketing material to educate your customers
  • Training Available! E-mail info@hydretainadvantage.com for face-to-face or webinar training on the benefits and advantages of Hydretain.


Hydretain ES Plus - Quart ES_plus_gallon-web

– Hydretain ES Plus Liquid

  • available in Hose-end applicator quart size or 2.5 gallon size
  • concentrated liquid solution
  • must be diluted with water before spraying


– Hydretain Granular Plus QD

  • granules dissolve into the soil
  • convenient for dry spreader applicator
  • apply to dry spots

Visit your local Hydro-Scape today to purchase some for your yard and start experiencing the difference! Still have questions about this product? Call our Customer Service Center and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.