Toro Repair Parts

Repair Parts

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Ordering Toro Repair Parts

To order repair parts, please supply the part number,
the quantity, and the description of each part desired.

Understanding Reference Numbers

Each identified part in an illustration has a reference number. The reference number for a part also appears in the parts list, along with other information about the part.

This catalog uses two special reference number formats, one to indicate parts in a service assembly and another to indicate the quantity of a given part in an illustration.

Service Assembly Reference Numbers

Parts in service assemblies have reference numbers in the form a:b. The ‘a’ represents the reference number of the entire service assembly and the ‘b’ represents a sequential number unique to each part within the service assembly.

For example, a wheel assembly might be identified by reference number 6, the tire by 6:1, the valve by 6:2, and the wheel by 6:3. When you order the assembly identified by reference number 6, you receive all parts identified by reference numbers 6:1,6:2, and 6:3. However, you may also order any part individually. Reference numbers of this type appear in illustration and in parts lists.

Reference Numbers Indicating Quantity

In an illustration, if a reference number indicates more than one part, the reference number has the form ‘nX y’. The ‘n’ represents the quantity of the part, the ‘X’ is the multiplication symbol, and the ‘y’ represents the reference number. For example, in an illustration, the reference number 2X 37 means that two of the parts identified by reference number 37 are indicated.

List of Abbreviations

  • AR: as required
  • ASM: assembly
  • BBC: blade brake control
  • BHTF: button head thread forming
  • CARR: carriage
  • CCW: counter clockwise
  • CW: clockwise
  • DEG: degrees
  • DPA: Dual Point Adjustment ECM: electronic control module EXT: external
  • FH: flat head
  • GA: gauge
  • HD: heavy-duty HF: hex flange HH: hex head
  • HHF: hex head flange
  • HHFTF: hex head flange thread forming
  • HJ: hex jam
  • HLH: hex lag head
  • HOC: height-of-cut
  • HSBH: hex socket button head HSFH: hex socket flat head HSH: hex socket head
  • HWH: hex washer head
  • HWHTF: hex washer head thread forming
  • HYD: hydraulic
  • LH: left hand
  • LP: Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG: Liquefied Petroleum Gas NI: nylon insert
  • NPTF: national pipe thread fine
  • PFH: phillips flat head
  • PPH: phillips pan head
  • PPHTF: phillips pan head thread forming
  • PRH: phillips round head
  • PTH: phillips truss head
  • PTO: power-take-off
  • RH: right hand
  • ROPS: roll-over protection system
  • RRB: rear roller brush SFH: slotted fillister head SHH: slotted hex head
  • SHWH: slotted hex washer head
  • SPH: slotted pan head
  • SQH: square head
  • SRH: slotted round head
  • STD: standard
  • TAP: self tapping
  • TTH: torx truss head