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Hydro-Scape offers an extensive inventory on water conservation products to save you time, money and water. Would you like to know which products offer you the best value and water conservation? Check out our informative articles, providing easy explanations about what kind of water-saving products Hydro-Scape carries. Visit your local branch or call customer service to order.

Hydro-Scape also offer Residential and Commercial Rebate Programs, encouraging you to participate in water conservation. For more details click here.

Residential & Commercial Water Rebates may be available. Also check out the eGuide to a WaterSmart Lifestyle!

Commercial Rebates Residential Rebates eGuide to a WaterSmart Lifestyle

Water Saving – Useful Links

More information can be found on the web on how to save water. These additional links are useful to start saving water today!


The Metropolitan Water District

International Center for Water Technology

City of San Diego Water Conservation

Los Angeles Department of Water & Power

California Department of Water Resources

Association of California Water Agencies

Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies

California State Association of Counties

California Municipal Utilities Association

The Water Conservation Garden

Irrigation Association

Water Use It Wisely

California Urban Water Conservation Council

California Energy Commission

U.S. Geological Survey