Water Conservation for Landscaping

Water Conservation Brochure

Landscaping as a Means of Water Conservation

Is it possible to have a beautiful, lush landscape and still conserve water? Absolutely! There are a number of water-saving technologies available for today’s modern landscape. Any of these can be used alone or as part of a complete system. The days of choosing between beauty and savings are officially over!

mp-rotator2Water-efficient Sprinklers & Nozzles

One small change can save up to 30% on water bills. Simply replace regular heads with water-efficient versions. Offering low water pressure along with steady distribution, Rain Bird HE-VAN, MP Rotator and the Toro Precision® Series are perfect for areas with difficult soil, healthy turf and even slopes with runoff issues.


Low-volume Drip Irrigation Systems

These systems drastically cut water use. Drip irrigation delivers just the right amount of water to the soil directly above the plants’ root zones. This method cuts down on evaporation and water waste as the plant absorbs the water directly.

rainbird-smartcontrollerSmart Controllers and Sensors

High-tech goes green! Irrigation controllers, soil moisture sensors, and rain sensors eliminate the guess-work and risk of over or under-watering. As the name suggests, controllers manage irrigation times according to plant and soil type, weather, evapotranspiration, and moisture level. Moisture sensors tell the controller when levels are low and watering is necessary. The rain sensors override the controller and shut down irrigation when it’s raining. Put together, these tools not only lower water bills, but save thousands of gallons of water every year.

tanks1Harvesting Rain Water

Collecting rain water in above ground tanks and barrels is a simple harvest method. Did you know that with every 1” of rain on 1,000 square feet of roof area you can collect around 600 gallons! Underground systems also collect and store rain water. They’re easy to install, integrate into existing landscapes and fit perfectly in residential and commercial systems. What about storm water runoff? Permeable pavers can handle the weight of heavy vehicles while they let rain water pass into the soil. This helps reduce waterway pollution and replenish groundwater reserves.


Synthetic Turf

It’s not just for stadiums and putting greens anymore. In some parts of the country, synthetic turf is a major part of conservation plans. Hydro-Scape can help you choose what you need to design, install and maintain a landscape using synthetic turf.


Soil Amendments & Mulch

Compaction of the top layer of bare soil, whether from foot traffic or the impact of rain itself, creates a perfect runoff scenario. In direct sunlight, the top layer heats up and moisture evaporates; as there’s more evaporation, moisture from below wicks up to replace lost moisture. The longer this continues, the drier the soil becomes. Mulching cuts down on compaction and lets more water enter the topsoil. The mulch also prevents further drying since the water does not sit well between the soil and the mulch. In addition to conserving water, mulch also prevents weeds.


Central Control of Water Management

If you have the task of managing a large landscape or multiple sites, another high-tech solution is just what the doctor ordered. Remember the smart controllers and their sensors? Imagine linking several of them together in a central control system that allows you to control all aspects of irrigation for all areas with one computer or handheld device. Not only will you save water, you’ll save time and money too.

Don’t forget that the SoCal Water$mart Program offers rebates on many  water-saving devices for your landscape and home. It has never been a better time to upgrade your irrigation or install a new system with the latest in water-saving irrigation technology.  Be sure to check them out and see what you can quality for.