Saving water doesn’t have to be difficult. With so many advancements in technology you’re probably already implementing new products and strategies in your homes; don’t forget your landscape! Not only are the irrigation systems of today more water efficient, but they are more automated than ever before.

So what do we call responsible irrigation? Basically, it’s watering your landscape – whether commercial or residential – in such a way that you use the most efficient products and apply the least amount of water possible to the correct plant material and soil type. One of the biggest water wasters is an improperly functioning irrigation system.

Six Simple Methods to Remember

  • Soil: It starts with knowing your soil. Correcting the nutrients to allow better water penetration will reduce water waste by reducing run-off. Detailed soil analysis is available with a full analysis of your soil, providing recommendations to properly remedy your specific issues. Plus your plants will be healthier too!
  • Controllers: Use a Smart Controller to manage your system. They can be programmed to water on certain days at certain times.
  • Sensors: Rain/Weather sensors shut down the system when watering isn’t needed.
  • Sprinklers: Use the proper sprinkler nozzle for the application. Drip systems for trees, shrubs and garden beds. High-efficiency sprinkler nozzles in lawns and larger areas.
  • Water Pressure: It’s important you know your systems water pressure to ensure you’re installing the proper irrigation technology  your system can handle, so water isn’t wasted.
  • Time of Day: Running your system in the early morning is the best time to avoid high winds and high heat, thus reducing evaporation and run-off.

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