SoCal gardening in June is much easier than you think! And when you’re done, you’ll have a gorgeous garden to look at while you put your feet up and sip on your favorite cold drink. Here is a simple list:


It’s the time of year to do deadheading and pruning. Plainly put, it’s time to cut off all the dead things. Snip off dead flower blossoms, particularly those on shrub roses as it improves the overall shape of the plant. Deadhead all your flowers to encourage more blooms. Deadheading can be done with your fingers, but for some plants a small hand shear will be best. HS carries quality Corona hand shears & pruners to get the job done. Oh, and don’t forget your long gardening gloves when pruning roses. Thorns can scratch up your arms!

It’s also time for pruning, which is the removal of dead, browned or diseased foliage. This keeps your perennials looking great. Palm trees can be pruned too, but you must be careful. Cutting off the emerging flower stalks will prevent fruiting, but you must never cut live palm leaves. The negative health impact on your palm will be tremendous. Stick to pruning the stalks and old, dead leave. For this job you’ll need a good set of pruners or loppers with sharp blades and possibly a pruning saw. Check out our Corona handshears & loppers, as well as Felco pruners on your next visit.

Whack the Weeds

Weeds aren’t just unsightly; they use valuable water that could better serve your garden. Roundup is a good way to deal with pesky weeds! The spray destroys any plant it comes in contact with though, so be careful to only apply it to weeds you wish to kill off. You can adjust the spray nozzle to either a fine mist or a narrow stream, depending on your needs. It’s best to spray early in the day when there’s less wind. Hand pulling weeds in garden beds is best. Owning a good set of quality gardening gloves is perfect for these tasks.


You should be used to fertilizing by now. June’s job is just to continue doing it. Fertilize all of your acid loving plants like Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Blue Hydrangea with a plant food specific for these types. Lilly Miller Azalea Food is perfect for these plants. These plants slowly decline in health over time due to the alkaline soils common in the metro area. When they’re in poor health, the lush green fades or yellows. The beautiful flowers even lose some of their luster. Once a year add three cups of cottonseed meal to the top surface every 25 square feet of root area. Your plants will stay as beautiful as they were when you first got them.

Irrigation Issues

Make sure your irrigation system is operating at peak efficiency. Leaks or damaged sprinkler heads waste water and don’t effectively handle your watering needs. You can also “go greener” by calling or visiting Hydro-Scape to learn about our water-saving irrigation products.

If your system is due for an upgrade, we have some great water-saving products to help you.

  • Smart Controllers: The masterminds of irrigation, they use high-tech sensors and meters to automatically adjust watering frequency and duration based on rain, wind, moisture, evaporation/transpiration rates and even plant type. You can even get rebates on controllers for commercial, municipal, single- and multi-family residential sites! Check out BEWATERWISE.COM to learn more.
  • Soil moisture sensors are another great way to insure that your plants are watered only as much as needed. This prevents waste and keeps your plants healthy as they’re not being over-watered.
  • Low-volume spray heads, drip irrigation, and bubblers are great options for planter beds and shrubs. It’s important, though, to place drip irrigation lines in areas where they won’t be accidentally disconnected by children or animals.
  • Over-spraying wastes a lot of water, too. There are high-efficiency nozzles that can be set to cover specific areas or arcs without watering the sidewalk. They make great replacements for spray heads for lawns. They use 30% less water due to slower, more even application and larger droplets. Checkout the “Free Sprinkler Nozzle Program“.

Come on by your local Hydro-Scape or give our Customer Service Center a call. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have regarding irrigation systems and your landscape.