Landscaping Resolutions for the New Year

New Year’s resolutions often involve such things as losing weight, getting more exercise or learning a new skill (trombone, anyone?). Many of us manage to keep our resolutions, while others forget them by the Super Bowl. We thought we’d make resolutions easier to keep and came up with a list of great ideas to start 2015 off right. Read on for ways to improve your landscape, save water & time and enjoy that saved time with family and friends!

Save Water

Reduce water use by using water saving irrigation technology.

You can have a beautiful, lush landscape and still conserve water! Ask us at Hydro-Scape about the many water-efficient systems we offer, such as:

Employ proper watering methods.

Watering smart saves water, too. Here’s how:

  • Water lawns two to three days per week during the summer and only when needed during the winter.
  • Water other plants once or twice weekly during the summer and as needed during the winter.
  • Add soil amendments such as nutrients and water-retaining pellets. This also improves water percolation.
  • Plant native, drought-resistant plants. They’re made for conserving water.

 Use a broom instead of water to clean patios and walkways.

  • Not only does it save water, it keeps you from running afoul of any water restrictions such as that prohibiting driveway, parking lot, building exterior and other hard surfaces being washed.

Landscape Improvements

Mulch, mulch, mulch as a water conserving medium around your plants.

  • It saves water and prevents evaporation which steals water from your plants and causes you to use more water.
  • Add mulch, about two to three inches worth, to plant beds and around. It blocks weed growth and adds nutrients to the soil through decomposition.
  • Avoid disease and decay by not covering the bases of trees and shrubs when you mulch.
  • You can also use landscape fabrics to keep weeds down.

Plant an edible garden.

  • This is a fun way to beautify your landscape, spend time with your family and save on the grocery bill.
  • It’s good exercise! says that gardening burns up to 272 calories an hour!
  • You get to enjoy fresh, tasty produce anytime you want it.

 Start composting your scraps for your edible gardens.

  • Add old produce or table scraps to a compost heap. The wonderful, organic plant food that results will feed your garden well.
  • Hose down your compost heap to promote decomposition and give it some shade, too, to help hold in the moisture.

Install Landscape Lighting

Let there be light upon your landscape! Durable low-voltage landscape lighting systems bring many benefits.

 Safety & Security

  • Landscape lighting near doorways, walkways and your driveway gives your family and guests safe access.
  • Well-lit homes are less likely to be burglarized, too.


  • Landscape lighting adds to the appearance of your home.
  • It’s an excellent way to highlight special areas of your landscaping.
  • It also improves your home’s property and resale value.

Create an inviting outdoor living space and enjoy your backyard!

  • There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to use your yard or patio after sunset. Placing lights around your lawn, patio or deck brings enough light to those spaces for nighttime entertaining.
  • This is where you get to throw a patio party, eat well and enjoy your beautiful landscape with family and friends.

Happy 2015 from your friends at Hydro-Scape!