Everyone’s favorite landscape foe crabgrass, is gearing up for its annual return to a lawn near you! Crabgrass germination in SoCal usually occurs between mid January to early April, depending on the temperature. The seeds may continue to germinate through spring and summer although growth is slower. The plants send out “tillers” and shoots in June and July flowering in late July through August. They can even overwinter in warm, frost-free areas, which starts a new crop in spring or early summer.

 Pre-emergent Pesticides

Don’t fret! It’s not too late to put a stop to this troublesome weed! If you’re in a mild-winter area that means you’ve got to start now. We suggest using an early application of a pre-emergent herbicide (one that kills off the weeds before the seeds germinate). Hydro-Scape carries  high-quality products that will do the job nicely, such as BEST® 16-6-8 with Dimension or BEST® Dimenions 270G.

 Post-emergent Pesticides

 “Uh oh! I missed my chance to use a pre-emergent! Help!” If this is you, don’t worry, we still have you covered. What you need now is a little patience and a post-emergent pesticide. The crabgrass has germinated and is being its usual annoying self. Post-emergents kills plants after they have started growing. We recommend Bayer® All-in-One Weed & Crabgrass Killer. You’ll need to do this around August, when the crabgrass turns red, but hasn’t gone to seed yet. Follow all package instructions and don’t do it in the middle of a hot day.

Make sure you water the area deeply the day before you apply the product. After application hold off watering for as long as you can. The crabgrass clumps will die and you’ll get best results by pulling them out at that time. You can also use RoundUp® QuickPro® or ProMax®, but keep in mind that these products will kill all the plants they touch! You’ll need to apply only in the areas you want to kill off. So probably not in your lawn, unless you want it to die!

As always the helpful experts at your local Hydro-Scape are happy to help you with your weed problems and other landscaping needs!