The sweltering summer stresses more than just your air conditioner; it also hits your lawn like a freight train. Lawn stress, especially during the time of drought, is an ugly thing.

Summer stress can take your beautiful green lawn and transform it into a crunchy brown wasteland. What doesn’t turn brown is now susceptible to invasion by insects and weeds due to it’s stressed out, weakened state. How do you know if your lawn is stressed by the heat and drought versus disease? What can you do to prevent your lawn’s summer stress?

Four Easy Ways to Diagnose Lawn Stress

  1. Find a brown patch in your lawn (easy, right?), grab some grass and give it a good pull. Grass that is firmly rooted and doesn’t easily separate from the soil is suffering summer or drought stress.
  2. Shank it! Actually, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Take a screwdriver and push it into the soil in both green and brown spots. Your lawn is suffering summer stress if the screwdriver is easy to push into the green areas, but difficult to push into the brown spots. If you have rocky soil, you need to dig a small hole to check the soil moisture.
  3. Stand back and look at the big picture. If your lawn is suffering from summer/drought stress, the crunchy brown spots show up randomly and in patterns, such as:
    1. Grass near sprinklers is green. Grass further away is brown.
    2. Grass growing in lower spots stays green, but grass in higher spots browns.
    3. Grass in the shade stays green and lush, but that in the sun withers and turns brown.
  4. The early signs of a stressed out lawn include:
    1. Visible footprints where people have walked.
    2. Some grasses turn a darker shade than normal.
    3. Blades of grass may wilt.
    4. Kentucky bluegrass gets a strange grayish tint.

Now that you know how to diagnose lawn stress, let’s look at prevention!

Hydro-Scape has a great new product called Hydretain® that is the perfect way to keep your lawn lush, green and healthy. Hydretain® is not a surfactant, super-absorbent polymer crystal or a wetting agent. It’s an incredible advance in landscaping science. Put on your safety glasses and enter the lab!

Hydretain® is a liquid composed of humectants and hygroscopic components. In plain English, these components are little water magnets that attract soil moisture, usually in the form of underground vapor. These little bits of microscopic water can then be used by your lawn instead of evaporating. Using Hydretain® can reduce your watering needs up to 50%! It works so well, in fact, that your plants can utilize light rainfall, dew and humidity.

Much of the water, from any source, that is given to your lawn is never actually used by your lawn. Gravity pulls the water down to the aquifer while evaporation pulls it into the air, leaving only a portion for you lawn. Hydretain® works by tackling evaporation. If soil moisture is at the right levels, Hydretain® just sits there waiting to work. However, when gravity and evaporation leave only water vapor in the soil, Hydretain® jumps into action as described above.

We hope this information is helpful to you and your lawn. If you have any questions about lawn stress, Hydretain® or any irrigation issue, the knowledgeable professionals at Hydro-Scape are here to help!