Wouldn’t you love some extra space for entertaining? We’ve put together ten ways to expand your home that don’t involve hiring a contractor or breaking down walls. You can turn your backyard into an outdoor getaway fit for a king or queen without spending a royal fortune.

Destination: Deck

Your deck can become a destination simply by creating different activity areas, such as; a spot for dining, an area for lounging, and one for cooking. You can also blend your deck into your landscape through the use of potted plants. Place the pots around the edges of the deck or plant vines to help in covering a patio cover or pergola. There are also enhancement products that will help in updating an old patio cover. Like bamboo panels and thatch available at Hydro-Scape.

Design a Picturesque Patio

Rather than a plain old piece of concrete, add some texture and color to your patio. Use a paint on product that will give you the look and feel of stone or sand. Match the colors to your home, creating a natural extension. Add comfy weatherproof furniture, container gardens and brick or stone edging to complete the look like products that are available at Hydro-Scape such as Dutch Quality Stone

The Kitchen is Wide Open

Outdoor kitchens are not just for the rich and famous. If you enjoy grilling and outdoor dining, add a simple counter-top for food prep, add some storage and you’re all set! Firemagic stainless steel doors are available. Think about adding a sink and refrigerator also available at Hydro-Scape to round it out and make clean up a snap!


Simple steps like adding a fence or a garden wall create a more home-like feel while adding privacy. You can even use your landscape itself or add pergolas and lattice. Check out the products available through our inventory of Fencing and panels from HydroXcape.

Throw Some Shade!

Everybody needs a break from the sunshine, no matter how much we love it. A little shade makes for a cooler spot to relax and can easily be created with umbrellas, arbors, pergolas, retractable awnings and even mature trees.

Bring the Inside Outdoors

There is a huge variety of comfortable, weatherproof furniture for outdoor living on the market. There is wrought or cast iron, aluminum, wood, even synthetic materials, all in beautiful colors with outdoor fabrics. How about a weatherproof table lamp or floor lamp? It’s like your family room, only outside!

Relaxation Stations

Outdoor structures can add new life and luxury to any landscape. Gazebos are gorgeous additions. You can attach one to a pool or deck for a covered dining area for cooking or just socializing. Trellises, arbors and pergolas serve the same beautiful function.

Go Soak Yourself!

While a little more expensive, a spa or hot tub on the deck is luxury living at its finest. Melt away your stress under the stars or start the weekend with a sunrise soak. Things to bear in mind include: privacy, access to the house, shade or sun, and weight. A round hot tub is about six feet in diameter and requires about thirty square feet, while a rectangular tub needs about forty-eight square feet. A full tub is heavy, close to two tons! If you’re putting one on your deck, you will need to check your foundation.

Light it Up

Consider installing outdoor lighting to extend the hours available to use your backyard getaway. From porch lights to task lighting for the grill, to soft lighting for dining, you can get just about any form of it these days. It’s also not going to break the bank in electricity bills with LED low-voltage landscape lighting.

Finish off with the Finer Things

You can add function and beauty with fountains, ponds, water features, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. Fancy a hot cider on a cool fall night? Light the fire pit or fireplace and invite some friends over to watch the stars come out. The proper accessories, such as statuary, decorative wrought iron, weatherproof art and soft pillows add the finishing touches, turning your backyard into a luxurious getaway.

Hydro-Scape is available to help answer any of your questions regarding landscape maintenance, gardening and creating a beautiful outdoor living area. Not only do we have all the tools, soils and fertilizers you could ever need, but we also have a large variety of landscape lighting, outdoor fire pits, fire walls, fire places, building blocks to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen, Fire Magic Grills, synthetic turf, stone, pavers, rock, soil/rock stabilizers and so much more. Start Your Next Project with Hydro-Scape!