Water waste and runoff is an issue whether you live in a drought-stricken or heavy rainfall area. It causes an increase in water bills, possibly fees incurred by watering restrictions, and is not optimal for your landscape and plants’ health. Within the last few years, technology has improved this situation and offered more efficient ways to irrigate responsibly. The irrigation industry has seen recent technological advances and more convenient methods of irrigating for the homeowner and contractor.

Smart Irrigation Control. Now through the newest technology, you can measure the amount of water leaving the soil, using evapotranspiration (ET) and soil moisture sensors. Evapotranspiration includes not only the water evaporating from the soil, but from plants and trees when they “transpire”. Knowing how much water is depleted in your landscape will determine an accurate amount of water to irrigate. Soil type (such as loam, sand or clay) and slopes are also calculated to find the point at which water will begin to runoff.

Now, smart irrigation controllers use not only the current weather conditions but forecasted weather for your region. If there is a heat wave or heavy rainfall approaching, your controllers will automatically adjust to more water or shut off completely.

To make things easier for the homeowner, several controllers are on the market that can utilize smartphones and tablets to control your irrigation system wherever you are.

Drip Irrigation. One of the most efficient ways to irrigate is using drip irrigation. It places water at the exact spot that requires watering. Runoff is eliminated and evapotranspiration has virtually no effect on plants and soil due to this way of irrigating. Drip emitters are placed in the tubing to direct water flow straight to the plant’s root zone, producing healthier plants, trees and shrubs. But drip irrigation isn’t just for plants anymore. New technology, the Subsurface Drip Irrigation system, allows grass to be drip irrigated. By placing the drip lines underneath the turf, it offers less water usage, and increased protection against vandalism.

Efficient Spray Heads. The most important part of a sprinkler is the head which effects how the water is distributed and how much is used. Today, Rain Bird and Toro offer “Pressure Regulating Stems” which allows control at each sprinkler to change the water pressure. Hunter’s MP Rotator has a unique design that can improve water savings up to 30%. These high-efficiency nozzles provide the best water-saving performance for sprinklers.

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