We all want our landscapes to be beautiful. Sometimes though, it’s all we can do to keep up with the basics like mowing! What to do? We have gathered a list of ten tips for your landscape that will make it look fresh and new again. You’ll still have to mow, trim and rake, but the good news is that these tasks are super easy!

  1. Clean up leaves and sticks on your lawn. If possible a chipper/shredder will make short work of lawn debris and leave you with a big batch of mulch or compost!
  2. Use a sharp, quality pruner like Corona or Felco to prune your trees and shrubs cut away all the dead or diseased limbs. Spend a few extra minutes and deadhead your annuals. If they’re dead, just pull ‘em up!
  3. Refresh your edging. Mower blades and turfgrass can make your edging look shabby. Use a power edger from ECHO for fresh new lines.
  4. Wash the driveway, if your city or municipality allows it. Seal and patch cracked concrete driveways and reseal asphalt drives. If washing isn’t an option, which in most cities is not allowed get out the ECHO or Shindaiwa power blower.
  5. Say “NO” to mildewed and muddied brick, siding and foundations. A quick wash with a power washer will make them sparkle! Be careful of the nozzle you choose: you don’t want to damage your siding. While you’re at it, give your gutters and downspouts some attention by cleaning them. inside and out. Check out our Underhill nozzle selection in our stores
  6. Put fresh mulch on all your paths and beds. At the very least, stir up the old to make it look new again. We recommend replenishing. Over time, mulch degrades, gets kicked around and out, you get the idea. So using a quality mulch from Forest Wood Family Tree Products is a great option.
  7. Add some color by using decorative pots with colorful flowers, or in-season plants in bright colors. This draws the eye away from the “less-than-perfect” spots you would rather people not see. Be sure to use a quality potting soil.
  8. Clean your pavers and apply a sealant, your pavers will look brand new in time for outdoor parties this summer! Check out Technisoil’s line of sealers and binding agents available at your local HS branch.
  9. Light up the night with LED low-voltage lighting. It adds security, enhances safety and showcases your home’s beauty. There are many affordable options available. Ask us at Hydro-Scape for a recommendation.
  10. Quick, hide, the trash cans that is! Easily Install a lattice or fence panel for these. Inquire about our new line of Bamboo Fencing panels and thatch. Out of sight, out of mind!

You too can have an amazingly beautiful landscape with only a little extra time and effort. This leaves you more time to get out and enjoy it!