The New, Innovative Sprinkler Nozzle VS. the Traditional

Traditionally, the only available irrigation option was pop-up heads with spray nozzles. These nozzles depended on trajectory, or arc, of droplets to determine the distance for placement; this distance is typically 8 – 15 feet. However, the more distance there is, the more misting occurs. Heavy misting can cause up to 25% water loss! Traditional sprinkler heads atomize water for more even distribution. It’s not just arc that causes problems, though. Higher pressure, high winds and overspray also factor into misting-related water loss.

Introducing the Water Saver

You may have never really stopped to observe how the water is ejected from your sprinkler nozzles. The next time you turn on your system, take a look at how they operate. Did you see misting, that with the slightest breeze carried away the water everywhere but the area you’re trying to water?  Much of the mist is evaporated before it even hits the ground! Especially on those really hot summer days.

High-Efficiency nozzles send out streams of water, not spray or mist. The droplets delivered are larger and weigh more. So a light breeze is unlikely to affect its flow of watering the source. And it’s not going to evaporate!

So one step to saving water in your landscape is upgrading your old irrigation heads, which deliver roughly 50% less water on windy days, to high-efficiency nozzles which deliver approximately 85%!

Another way to save water as it relates to sprinkler heads; is ensuring your water pressure is not too high. One of the biggest water wasters is through your sprinklers when the water pressure is too high! Higher pressure systems create more misting. You can check the pressure of your system by removing one sprinkler head, replacing it with a riser and water pressure gauge. Run the water in that zone and look at the pressure; ideally, it should be 30 PSI for most sprinklers with an operating range flexibility of 10 PSI  in either direction.

Say Hello to Hunter Irrigation’s line of Rotating Nozzles

High efficiency nozzles such as Hunter’s MP line of rotating heads, the MP Rotator and the MP800SR-90: Short Radius Rotator are the perfect water-saving sprinklers. Eliminate the waste! They operate most efficiently at 40 PSI, but have more 15 PSI operating range in either direction. They’re not only more efficient in terms of water droplet size, but they offer more flexibility than traditional nozzles as well.

The Hunter MP rotating nozzle product line includes the short radius MP800SR-90. While the Hunter MP Rotator is a water-conserving beast with a radius of eight to thirty-five feet – all while using less water – its cousin, the MP800SR-90 packs the same wallop with a radius that can be as low as 6 feet or as high as 12 feet. This line of high-efficiency nozzles mean; no more over-spray flooding the street as well as much less water waste when watering smaller areas.

Both the MP Rotator and the MP800SR-90 provide the same Hunter features:

  • High-distribution uniformity
  • Wind-resistant steams
  • Debris-resistant double-pop
  • Quality construction
  • Highest-quality material available

The Hunter MP line is the correct nozzle for the job, big or small.

We’ve already mentioned that reducing the amount of pressure in your irrigation system will prevent water waste. It’s an important fact! The extra pressure causes much of your water waste through misting.  Fortunately there are guides to help you choose the proper nozzle for your pressure (and Hydro-Scape Representatives), and there are “pressure reducing” irrigation products available as well. Reducing pressure, as with these Hunter products, eliminates misting while still providing quality irrigation to any site. Hunter’s own Phil Robisch, Product Technical Support Manager, has written a fine article on the benefits of reducing water pressure.

Call or visit us at Hydro-Scape to learn more about these amazing irrigation solutions. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always happy to help!