Watering in Fall/Winter – Water with the Weather

As always, water with the weather. If you’re using a Weather Based Irrigation Controller, most of the work is done for you to ensure you don’t over water through the climate changes ahead. But, if you’re still using a standard controller or timer for your irrigation system, without the additional rain or weather sensors or weather data, then you’ll need to start thinking of adjusting your irrigation system for the cooler season ahead.

The cooler temps, shorter days and rainy season, plus additional moisture from lingering clouds and fog, reduce the need to water at the same level as in the summer. For many plants, trees and shrubs, you can get away with little to no watering when rains are adequate. For lawns, however, if there is not enough moisture/rain, you’ll still need to water, but far less than in summer.

Outdoor adjustments for cooler/rainy season:

  • Adjust your sprinkler timers to reduce the amount of watering frequency. You may have already done this to abide by water restriction that may be in affect in your area.
  • If you’re manually watering, don’t water more than two days per week during the rainy season, and if there is consistent rain, don’t water!
  • Don’t forget to turn off your irrigation system when it rains! Often times this will be forgotten and we’ll see sprinklers going while its raining, wasting precious resources.
  • Install a rain sensor and/or soil moisture sensor if you don’t have one. This will stop automatic timers from watering when it rains or if your soil has enough moisture.
  • Don’t have an irrigation system? Watering your lawn or planted areas by hand? With the wasted water, and wasted money, you could put this to good use installing a new irrigation system. We encourage everyone to look at installing or retrofitting an outdated irrigation system for water savings.

Hydro-Scape thanks you for doing your part and saving water! Stop by your local HS branch for tips and guidance on efficient watering practices and equipment.