Best Irrigation Innovations

Remember the days when we used to water our crops with big cans and long, long hours of walking the rows? Nah, neither do I. However, irrigation science has come up with some remarkable innovations in the field (pun intended) in the last several years. Grab a tall, cold glass of water, sit down and take a look at some of the best irrigation innovations brought to you by… Science!

First is all about going with the flow. Flow sensing, that is. Automated monitoring, adjustments and real-time alarms are the “in” thing. Imagine your techs getting a heads-up in the field when there’s a flow issue and how your control system resolved it. Forget “The Jetsons,” this is here and now at Hydro-Scape! Hydro-Point introduces real-time flow visibility and monitoring tools.

Second is a fitting place for push-on PVC pipe fittings! You are not limited to the use of cements & solvents – and those oh-so-head-spinning fumes. Just snap ’em together and repressurize your system. No fuss, no muss, no waiting. Yes, these great new fittings from Lasco will save you time.

toro-sensorThird on the list is the vastly improved soil moisture sensing technology. Science! hit a homerun here! They’re so sensitive that temperature and salt are no longer the bogeymen of the business. You should check out our line of sensors to take your irrigation to the next level. The Toro XTRA Smart Precision Soil Moisture Sensor is worth introducing into your landscape’s irrigation system.

Fourth on the list is hard to say six times fast: Low-precipitation rate irrigation heads. Talk about a gem for water conservation; Science! outdid itself with these babies! Able to reduce run-off, increase infiltration and decrease overall water usage rates by 33%, these are awesome innovations. The bigger droplets also cut down on wind drift, thus saving even more water.

Fifth, and the last stop on our innovation exploration, are pressure regulators for valves. Pressure regulators are used to control water pressure, especially on slopes. You can use a fixed pressure regulator or an adjustable regulator. Either way, this irrigation technology saves water by regulating the water pressure of your irrigation system so that it does not waste water. If pressure is too high, not only does it break down your irrigation system causing need for repairs later, but that’s when water is wasted. Likewise, if too low, not enough water will be dispersed, and you’ll be wondering why your landscape is browning. Hunter Irrigation is a top choice for pressure regulators.

Thank you for coming along on this technological tour de force of irrigation innovations! Learn more about Water Saving Irrigation Products available at Hydro-Scape. It’s that time we all should be making sure our landscapes are ready for the warmer weather ahead. Check out Rain Bird Irrigation Checklist.