Fertigation is the process of fertilizing your plants, lawn and trees through your irrigation system. Fertilizers are injected through the irrigation supply lines to your landscape. With fertigation, your sprinklers, rotors and drip irrigation systems distribute both water and fertilizer. Traditionally liquid fertilizers are used, but with an EZ-FLO system you can use water-soluble fertilizers, proportioned in extremely low dosages. This is called “Micro-Dosing”, lowering the cost of purchasing liquid fertilizers which are less concentrated than water-soluble. Fertigation is a safer, more water-efficient system to fertilize your landscape.


With fertigation, you will receive even distribution across your landscape versus traditional fertilizing methods. There is no waste of fertilizer because it is mixed with your plants’ irrigation needs. It provides the essential nutrients your plants, soil and turf needs.

Fertigation vs. Traditional Fertilizing

The traditional method of fertilizing include transporting heavy bags of fertilizer to your landscape or project site, using a spreader to disperse it, additional watering to soak fertilizer into the soil, and finally cleaning up any stray granules away from unnecessary areas (walkways, patios, etc.). Even with this method, even distribution is not guaranteed and it requires more water.

Fertigation is more efficient and effective by combining the irrigation and fertilizing needs of your landscape into one system.  It requires less labor and eliminates the need for extra irrigation, thereby conserving water. Research shows fertigation can increase your plants’ absorption rate up to 90% versus traditional methods. It decreases the risk of disease and pests because it produces healthier plants and trees. With small dosages of fertilizer slowly being released over time, it also reduces the impact of chemical exposure compared to heavy applications of dry granules.

What Makes Up a Fertigation System?

A tank holds the liquid (or dissolved water-soluble) fertilizer with injectors attached. The injectors connect from the tank to the main irrigation system. Through a pressure-controlled valve, they deliver fertilizer into the main lines to your rotors, sprays or drip irrigation systems. Fertigation can follow the same schedule as your automatic timer for irrigation, making it easier and more convenient to use. We recommend EZ-FLO’s line of water-soluble and concentrated organic liquid fertilizers.


Fertigation is not only simple to use, but provides a new way to conserve water in your landscape. By removing the step for additional watering (for dry applications), you are able to consolidate your landscape’s irrigation and fertilizing needs into a more efficient system. Visit one of our 16 locations in southern California and install your fertigation system today! Our knowledgeable and trained irrigation experts can assist you in finding the right components.